Actions of monitoring bodies - SMART

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Smart specialisations are created by people. Be one of them!

Various teams that cooperate with one another are engaged in works on smart specialisations. These teams are:

  1. National Smart Specialisation Steering Committee
  2. National Smart specialisation Consulting Group
  3. National Smart Specialisation Working Groups

The Steering Committee  is composed of the representatives of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Ministry of Investment and Economic Development and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The Steering Committee is in charge of management and coordination of actions connected with smart specialisation, it defines directions of development, so that the assumed targets can be obtained effectively. This body of persons is responsible for the decisions connected with selection and modification of national smart specialisations and participates in the selection of experts for the respective Working Groups

NSS Consulting Group is composed of the representatives of central administration and local government administration, dealing with smart specialisations on the national and regional level.

The Consulting Group is composed of the representatives of the European Commission, the ministries, among others: Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Ministry of Investment and Economic Development,  Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Digitalisation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Environment, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, National Centre for Research and Development, Central Statistical Office, central offices and Marshal's Offices.

The task of NSS Consulting Group is to ensure cohesion of works on smart specialisations, performed on the national and regional level, and in particular, it is the exchange of data and information in the scope of smart specialisation monitoring. The Group meets twice a year. As a result of such a monitoring a group may formulate recommendations for changes in the scope of smart specialisations or the scope of financial support for development of smart specialisations.

The representatives of NSS Working Groups are also invited to the sessions of the NSS Consulting Group, which is supposed to contribute to information flow from the national and regional level in the scope of national and regional specialisations. 

NSS Working Groups are composed of the representatives of enterprises, scientific units, business environment institutions, business organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Each smart specialisation has its own Working Group.

The tasks of Working Groups include:

- analysis of progress in performance of actions and obtaining goals of a given smart specialisation;

- drawing up a vision of development of a given smart specialisation, taking into account milestones and the desirable condition of development of a given area of specialisation in the perspective of 2023;

- defining measurable expected effects of actions in the scope of a given smart specialisation;

- defining actions necessary to undertake for the sake of development of a given specialisation (defining barriers to development);

- preparing proposal of possible changes and supplementations to a given smart specialisation;

- formulating possible needs for introduction of new specialisations;

- cyclic update of the detailed description of specialisations, used for assessment, whether an application for co-financing in the scope of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 fits in the selected specialisation;

- cooperation with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, other departments responsible for a given specialisation, with the Marshal’s Offices and bodies of persons appointed for the needs of monitoring  of the National Smart Specialisation (among others, Consulting Group,  Working Groups in the scope of other national smart specialisations)

Can I participate in creation of smart specialisations and become a member of the Working Group? Here is our answer: Of course, you can! 

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