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Cooperation pays off to everyone!

  • Are you an entrepreneur who wants to start cooperation with a research institution? Are you searching for partners in your project?
  • Are you a scientist searching for an entrepreneur for testing or implementation of your idea?
  • Do you want to support development of smart specialisations and take advantage of their development?


What is networking?

  • starting and maintaining of mutual relations, in order to achieve benefits. The benefits that can be achieved from activity in a network are greater than the benefits that can be achieved when acting on your own (effect of synergy). These benefits can have not only a financial dimension - but also the social one!

Why use networking in the scope of national smart specialisations?

  • to exchange knowledge and ideas
  • to shape jointly national smart specialisations
  • to undertake jointly various initiatives and to implement projects

Who can participate in the network of national smart specialisations?

  • entrepreneurs
  • scientists
  • public administration staff
  • representatives of non-governmental organisations

On which level the networks of national smart specialisations can operate?

  • international
  • national
  • regional
  • local

What are the advantages of participation in the network of national smart specialisations?

  • access to the most important and the latest information connected with national smart specialisations - "be updated"
  • promotion of actions you undertake in the fields covered by smart specialisations
  • drawing from experiences of others and sharing your experience, extending knowledge, inspirations and new ideas
  • extending the circle of contacts with persons dealing with the ideas connected with the respective smart specialisations
  • finding partners for cooperation
  • impact on innovation policy

How can you become a member of the network of national smart specialisations?

  • you can become a member of the Working Group
  • you can participate in smart labs undertake joint initiatives and projects with other participants

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology plans to undertake networking activities and activities aimed at animation of cooperation of various entities. These actions will support establishing of partnerships, working out common initiatives and projects, sharing experience and good practice. You are invited to follow the information in the tab: News

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