Support instruments in the scope of operational programmes - SMART

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Are you wondering if smart specialisations are for you? Here is our answer: Of course, they are!

  • Would you like to develop in the fields with future?
  • Would you like your ideas or inventions to serve better life?
  • Would you like your company to be competitive in home or international market?
  • Do you need investment funds for realisation of innovative ideas?
  • Do you engage your own funds in implementation of research and development projects, but you would like to do it with a flourish or with partners who may held you?

Take advantage of co-financing of projects!

In the years 2014-2020 there is the available support in the scope of the EU programmes:

Reach for support - it is worth it! It pays off!

In the scope of the Smart Growth Operational Programme (SG OP) the Priority Axes I, II and IV are directed solely at the national smart specialisations. In the priority axis III, preferences (additional points during evaluation of applications) are applied for the projects that fit in the national smart specialisations.

The below table shows the allocation aimed for financing of NSS in SG OP 2014-2020

Priority axis


I axis - Support for R+D works by enterprises

EUR 3,85 billion

II axis – Support for the environment and potential of enterprises pursuing activity in the scope of R+D+I

EUR 1,04 billion

III axis – Support for innovation in enterprises

EUR 2,2 billion

IV axis – Increase in science and research potential

EUR 1,22 billion

Note! When applying for financial support for the actions in the scope of R+D+I
in the scope of the Smart Growth Operational Programme  and the Regional Operational Programmes, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to have their own contribution.

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