Additional recruitment to the National Smart Specialisation (NSS) Working Groups - SMART

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In connection with monitoring of operation of the NSS Working Groups and the need to complete the composition of the respective Groups of the selected specialisations, the Ministry of Economic Development announces additional recruitment to the Working Groups for the following national smart specialisations:


NSS 1  Healthy society
(formerly NSS 1 Medical engineering technologies, including biotechnologies (TiM), NSS 2 - Medical diagnostics and treatment of lifestyle (civilisation) diseases and personalized medicine (DiT), NSS 3 - Production of medicinal products (WPL) – at the stage of consolidation of Groups, change of name and description of specialisation,

NSS 6 - Biotechnological processes and products of specialised chemistry and environmental engineering (BIOTECH)

NSS 7 - High efficiency, low-emission and integrated manufacturing, storage, transmission and distribution of energy systems (ENER)
NSS 8 - Smart and energy-efficient construction (BUD)
NSS 9 - Environmentally friendly transport solutions (TRANS)

NSS 10 - Modern technologies of sourcing, processing and use of natural resources and the production of substitutes (SUR)
NSS 11 - Minimizing waste including unfit for processing and use of materials and energy waste (recycling and other recovery methods) (REC)
NSS 12 – Innovative solutions and technologies in water – sewage management (GWŚ)

NSS 13 - Multifunctional materials and composites with advanced properties, including nano-processes and nano-products (NANO)
NSS 14 - Sensors (including biosensors) and smart sensor networks (SENSO)
NSS 15 - Smart grids and geo-information technologies (GEO)
NSS 16 - Printed, organic and flexible electronics (ELEKTR)
NSS 17 - Automation and robotics of technological processes (ROBO)
NSS 18 - Photonics (FOT)
NSS 20 - Innovative maritime technologies pertaining to specialist vessels, maritime and offshore structures and logistics based on maritime and inland waterway transport (ITM)

The tasks of working groups include, among others:

- preparation and cyclic update of the detailed description of specialisation, forming the basis of assessment, whether an application for co-financing in the scope of the Smart Growth Operational Programme (SG OP) 2014-2020 suits the selected specialisation,

- preparing a vision of development and measurable expected effects of actions in the scope of a given smart specialisation, as well as actions that need to be undertaken for the purpose of development of a given specialisation,
- preparing proposals of changes and supplementations to a given smart specialisation (name or description), as well as formulating the need of introduction of new specialisations,
- analysis of progress in performance of actions and obtaining the goals of NSS,
- cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development, other departments responsible for the substantive side of the thematic scope of a given specialisation, with the Marshal’s Offices and bodies of persons appointed for the needs of monitoring  of the National Smart Specialisation (among others, Consulting Group,  Working Groups in the scope of other national smart specialisations)

Deadline for submission of an application form and CV: 17 July 2017

In your application form, please specify the Working Group that you apply to.

Contact person: Ms. Justyna Gorzoch,, Department of Innovation

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