Humanities and social sciences in the National Smart Specialisation – overview and update of NSS - SMART

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In connection with the bottom-up initiative of scientific circles, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology  conducted an analysis in 2017, concerning the fields of humanities and social sciences being a part of the National Smart Specialisation. In the scope of the conducted analysis and consultation with the National Smart Specialisation Working Groups, a document was drawn up entitled Relation between the scope of humanities and social sciences and the National Smart Specialisation, indicating to synergy of the humanities and social sciences with the following national smart specialisations:

- NSS 1 - healthy society,

- NSS 12 - smart grids and information-communication and geo-information technologies,

- NSS 15 - photonics,

- NSS 16 - smart creative technologies.

Moreover, the Working Group for smart creative technologies made a decision to broaden the detailed description, including in the scope of this specialisation the application of video games in other fields, among others, creating games for therapeutic, medical, research and educational goals. 

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