What are smart specialisations in the country development strategy? - SMART

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3 things you should know about smart specialisations

1. Good strategy is fundamental - that is, what is our development policy?

Current development policy for Poland assumes that there will be the responsible growth characterised with social and territorial sustainability The Polish economy should be more innovative  and it should use its strengths in a better way.

The assumption of current policy for growth is resigning from the so-far support for all sectors/lines of trade and focusing on support for the strategic sectors, that may become drives for the Polish economy.

Detailed assumptions of the Poland's policy for growth can be found in the strategic documents and these are:

The Strategy for Productivity is currently in consultation phase, and the National Smart Specialisation forms an appendix thereto


2. National Smart Specialisation takes into account the potential and the needs of entrepreneurs and scientists - that is to say, how do we know all that?

NSS was drawn up based on the entrepreneurial discovery process Entrepreneurs and scientists were engaged in this proces and specified the potential for innovation and competitiveness in Poland and in foreign markets. During the entrepreneurial discovery process one diagnosed also their needs and developmental barriers they encountered.

Direct participation of the representatives of companies and scientific circles allowed to take into account the actions of entrepreneurs and scientists in the process of creation of innovative policy for Poland.

Analysis was conducted on the basis of two most important documents, specifying scientific priorities (National Research Programme) and technological priorities (The Technology Foresight of Industry – InSight2030) and a series of bilateral consultations and inter-departmental agreements was also conducted for final definition of the fields of the national smart specialisations.

3. There are funds for implementation of innovative ideas - how can the available financial support be used?

In order to allow the implementation of research and development projects and implementation of innovative solutions that are growth priorities of countries and regions, the European Union provided a line of financing of smart specialisations in the scope of operational programmes and the programme Horizon 2020 in the financial perspective 2014-2020.

The following financial support is available in the years 2014-2020 in the scope of the European Union programmes:

Support of investment in smart specialisations is also planned in the following EU financial perspective  for the years 2021-2027.

Do you want to take advantage of project co-financing? Get familiar with the instruments of support in the scope of currently available operational programmes.

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